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Xbox rant ! I try to warn them I said leave me alone #freesmoke

bgst hosts - Wednesday, September 04, 2019


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bleeding edge FRIDAY THE 13TH PC VS XBOX Broadband Bullyten #gamescom XBOX ONE X SELLS OUT Eurogamer trashes Days Gone 343i teases Halo MCC announcement for March outer worlds review sony game reveal sony releasing to version of the playstation 5 anthem is breaking ps4's TEKKEN 7 LOOKS LIKE TRASH Rise of the tomb raider ps5 will have a 1TB SSD Satya Nadella Fallout Xbox One X is Fastest-Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever Nxtgen 720 cloud gaming news Broadband Bully-tin does xbox understand gamers? 4k gaming gears 5 multiplayer microsoft wants xbox live on playstation ps5 latest Red Dead 2 to beat God of War? EA shutting down Visceral Games, overhauling Star Wars game wow google stadia reaction Orange is the New Black spiderman gets a down grade NINTENDO SWITCH XBOX ONE S MINECRAFT BUNDLE DON MATTRICK psx 17 gamestop sold out xbox one x Pewdie Pie Said The N Word..........Nice OBE1PLAYS dave chappelle sticks and stones outrage PS5 backwards Compatibility to win next gen Halo infinite issues what makes e3 good XBOX BEAST FIRE PODCAST #anthemdemo Crystal Dynamics gears 5 impression Cyperpunk 2077 should you buy the ps4 pro Halo XBOX SLIM #fable4 Xbox Nation Podcast MIDDLE-EARTH : SHADOW OF WAR PLAYSTATION EVENT 2016 POLARIS Xbox1 X Why Kratos Son should take over Cyperpunk 2077 pushing gaming forward SONY phil spencer interview BF2 Nintendo Labo GTA V Halo MCC news Spider-Man PS4 is Great and why #ps4prorant gpu grandtheft auto 6 Fortnite has full crossplay XBOX ONE X VS PS4 PRO DEBATE gamespot review days gone Best Selling consoles forza 7 sales down in the uk PROOF OF BIGFOOT star wars battlefront 2 Sony to Make bigger games PS4 SLIM halo on pc mortal kombat 11 crossplay Spiderman PS4 puddle controversy is proof of media bias Bethesda threatening to not put a card game on playstation MOST GAMERS WOULD RATHER BUY A XBOX ONE X THAN BUILD A PC WHY ARE PEOPLE SHOCKED AND UPDSET texture gate gamers want sony to allow crossplay #BFV Sony CEO Talks Microsoft Collaboration, Calls Console Gaming “Niche” GAMIGBOLT Battlefield 5 Pro Consumerism vs Black Ops 4 Anti Consumerism Exclusive Games HERE IS A LIST OF GAMES I WILL BE PLAYING ON MY XBOX ONE X Insomniac's Spiderman PS4 secret enemy revealed and it's puddles? playstation vs google SHENMUE HD REMASTERED playstation 5 leaks shadow of war god of war release date leaked by sony crackdown 3 may of secretly been cancelled next gen games xbox one x vs ps4 pro head 2 head graphics comparison death stranding gamescom ninja theory brand new Ip bleeding edge state of play november ZEN ps5 will upscale to 8k horizon zero dawn 2 Verizon Game streaming #ps4news #digitalfoundry XB1X the nintendo switch is set pass xbox one lifetime sales rumor playstation 5 more powerful than xbox project scarlett playstation conference Facebook Content Creator program PROOF OF DOG MAN SHANNON LOFTIS GAME INFORMER INTERVIEW LEAVES XBOX FANS SCRATCHING THEIR HEADS playstation remote play Battlefield should not try to be cod Microsoft shuts down Eldewrito Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royal Sony Confirms PS5 Specs CHRISTMAS rumor master chief collection coming to the ps4 xbox x XXXtentacion is dead xbox 2 forza 7 vs gran turismo sport Xbox and PS4 Crossplay PLAYSTATION NETWORK Subs Inside Xbox multiplayer and party chat should be free on Xbox PLAYSTATION 5 8K THE XBOX ONE X HAS ALREADY OUTSOLD THE PS4 PRO IN 2017 #crackdown3 delay console rumors halo mcc fixed MPP SuperData spiderman ps4 is not downgraded Xbox announces Project Xcloud E3 2017 google console leaks Red Dead 2 not coming to PC Halo MCC to be PC gamepass launch game #xmas2017 xbox one x vs ps4 pro battlefield 5 highlights FORZA HORIZON 3 Halo infinite yakuza 6 xbox one x #reddeadredemption2 days gone review master chief collection coming to steam IGN employee plagiarized fortnite battle royale mass shooting in jacksonville florida at madden tournament XBOX SCORPIO E3 Battlefield is battlefield cod is cod Xbox E3 2019 was a disaster Why Rocket League crossplay will take time Xbox Leaving hardware business THE XBOX ONE X IS SELLING OUT EVERYWHERE SHOULD SONY BE WORRIED ps5 will have a 8k upscaler masterchief collection on pc mm2k halo6 call of duty rant days gone collectors edition gears 5 smoking forza streets ruiner Singleplayer vs multiplayer value ps5 behind closed door event xbox live party chat PSVR kodi coming to xbox one crossplay gameplay xbox one s won black friday MICROSOFT XBOX ONE X does xbox understand the gamer? Forza Horizon 4 xbox scarlett wil include a 4k cam #gamescom2019 ps5 power the creator of god of war david jaffe slams phil spencer and xbox one Cyperpunk 2077 goat will playstation 5 Kmega challenges Barron and loses in Madden State of Decay 2 is a bug filled mess 2k Games #alanwake2 project yeti google SHADOW OF WAR 4K NATIVE ON XBOX ONE X the last of us 2 may 2020 microsoft says they are more for the hardcore gamer EA Games XBOX SCORPIO VS PS4PRO best super hero games GREYS trump blames video games PS4K Playstation 4 ps4 rant xbox live party chat problems kodi 18.0 running on xbox one x FINAL FANTASY XV #xboxe32019 player unknown battlegrounds Kmega exposed KS8000 nintendo switch rumors sony takes spiderman back from the disney and the mcu #pubg battlefield 5 delayed to November the last of us part 2 release date leaked Anti SJW movements will not affect Battlefield 5 pubg 60fps on xbox one x Filip Miucin plagiarized for years MICROSOFT THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY Bungie playstation state of play was really bad nba live19 graphics vs nba 2k19 graphics playstation 5 release date hebrew israelite warrior DEE TAKES ANOTHER L AND SONY'S JIM RYAN SAYS XBOX ONE X GAMES DONT LOOK BETTER GRAPHICALLY playstation state of play god of war performance mode ps4 pro custom Zen 2 watch dogs 3 headed to the xbox 2 #seaofthieves ps4 on iphone Why the Halo Franchise is dying anthem vip demo is horrible MAJOR NELSON #spider-man LIVE STREAM CNET jump force ps4pro gameplay playstation 5 reveal #xboxonerant Dice Halo Online Eldewrito WERE CREATED BY ALIENS #battlefield5battleroyalmode madden shooting Switch #blackfriday DaRealTalk Microsoft buys compulsion games playstation5 playstation now and playstation 5 will use azure servers God of War PS4 Impressions XBOX SCORPIO VS GTX 1080TI XBOX ONE X the creator of god of war david jaffe NEO Emerald Occult Microsoft Studios STATE OF DECAY 2 Xbox E3 2019 was trash Game streaming the final frontier God of War watch dogs 3 xbox games going to playstation ps5 ssd drive game is death stranding exclusive to ps4 Xbox can do no right Microsoft buying Obsidian gears 5 xbox one s KS8500 jump force review Assassins Creed Odyssey NPD microsoft secretly cancels crackdown 3? EA Deserves a Standing Ovation for Battlefront II XBOX ONE X PRE-ORDERS SELL OUT horizon zero dawn 2 ps5 Red Dead 2 Gameplay Trailer phil spencer lying to xbox fans PSX PS4 PRO SLIM Microsoft buys ninja theory THE DIVISION xbox one s all digital price leak xbox scarlett vs ps5 specs #xbox2 GoW Emily Wants to Play Too resident evil 2 remake GT Sport game stop sold out xbox one x ps5 more powerful than xbox project scarlett EA becomes a service Microtransactions forza 7 sales flopping xbox 2 vs google stadia ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD google console xbox one x give away Star Wars Game news Gamestop FSony allowing full crossplay xbox sales are down what makes a good e3 #anthem ps5 dev kit dead or alive 6 MrParkerIsaDumbass Inside Xbox sucks star wars battle front 2 annunaki Randy Pitchford Halo MCC March News gears 5 campaign middle earth shadow of war new xbox one x gameplay trailer God of War biggest exclusive Ip DIGITAL FOUNDRY REVIEWS XBOX SCORPIO Impressions on Insomniac's Spider-Man PS4 PRO #ps4progiveaway PLAYSTATION EVENT 2017 Kmega is dog shit at Madden 3DS Apple joins the gaming race Taking over for Kratos can Xbox do anything right? battlefield 5 battleroyal mode #anthemvipdemo resolution gate HERE IS A HONEST XBOX ONE X REVIEW FROM A TRUE XBOX FAN MAFIA 3 playstation 5 will use azure servers Gamepass going to Nintendo Switch kodi 18.0 running on xbox one crossplay microsoft changes the name of gears of war 5 to gears 5 Red Dead 2 will be 2018's GOTY sony buying take two xbox vs ps4 stadia release date gears 5 changes shannon loftis Apple Gaming News No Differences Between XB1X & PS4 Pro in Gravel, Except Microsoft's Console Will Lack HDR Support #AssassinsCreedOdyssey Tim Dog interview Shaq Fu Raging justice gameplay Xbox one vs PS4 E3 call of duty WWll Days Gone is looking bad horizon zero dawn 2 will be a ps5 exclusive #xboxonex rumor ps5 is more powerful than xbox scarlett ps5 more powerful God of War PS4 fortnite battle royale vs pubg sunset overdrive headed to the ps4 and nintendo switch TWITCH PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Playstation E3 2018 Breakdown Apple making new gaming subscription xbox and switch team up against sony HANDS ON DESTINY 2 SONY VS DISNEY MCU Spider-Man PS4 coming to Xbox? xbox scarlett cloud MightyMos Twokay ps5 more powerful than xbox scarlett pc gaming news ADRIEN BRONER VS MICKEY BRONER cuphead too difficult Target xbox and switch vs ps4 crossplay battlefield 5 delayed xbox two will have 12tflops xbox game studios making games for the ps4 UFO #gears5 google stadia 4k 60fps hdr TEKKEN 7 shadow of war graphics Can Microsoft run these new studios correctly? gears 4 vs gears 5 over 25 million nintendo switch sold world wide ps4 news david jaffe The value of a singleplayer experience 34BigThings Threatening Legal Action Over Digital Foundry’s Redout Xbox One X Analysis BroadbandBullies why crackdown 3 keeps getting delayed XBF PODCAST LETS FACE IT XBOX ONE X HAS MADE THE PS4 PRO IRRELEVANT xbox scarlett will include a 4k cam for streaming #boogie2988 Sony E3 vs Xbox E3 2018 Tariffs vanquish2 xbox one x rant crackdown 3 in development hell #playstation5 vs xbox anaconda NBA LIVE 18 VS NBA 2K18 #xboxone DaRealMastalin Rumor Sony Is Buying Remedy exodus running on xbox one #mortalkombat11 Inside Xbox gamescom edition was bad Xbox is now the Netflix of gaming United Kingdom gamers angry without fortnite accounts Fanboys gears 5 open world pubg 30fps on xbox one x Deep Silver xbox wins software npd SAMSUNG 4K HDR project yeti google console 90 million ps4's sold streaming video games is the final frontier xbox rant project cars 2 Neil deGrasse Tyson project google stream XBOX ONE SALES LESS THAN 100K JULY NPD XBOX ONE X IS THE CONSOLE WE ASKED FOR Sony is being anti consumer with fortnite david jaffe makes joke about disable kid Videogames new xbox one x promo PS4 VS XBOXONE albert penello DEAD RISING IS COMING TO THE PS4 anthem vip demo is broken hebrew israelite shadow of the tomb raider coming to gamepass God of War PS4 is bigger than Halo Last of Us 2 running on ps4 hardware halo head hunters game gennady golovkin vs canelo alvarez was it really a draw lets talk about it xbox one rant # crackdown3 delay nipsey hussel murdered marvel vs capcom: infinite State of Decay 2 is broken playstation vr news xbox anaconda cpu specs leak Be The Behemoth Halo 3 #christmas CUPHEAD RAGE QUIT david katz father breaks down in tears when son trades in his ps4 pro for the xbox one x true story lol plastation new game Fortnite Crossplay Microsoft and nintendo team up against Sony ps5 will use ray tracing DEVS SAY RAIDERS OF THE BROKEN PLANET WILL RUN THE SAME ON PS4 PRO &XBOX ONE X BECAUSE OF PARITY WOW AMD VEGA Psyonix was not lying about crossplay HTC VIVE Kojima Crackdown 3 in trouble SUPER LUCKY'S TALE Sony CEO calls the ps5 “Niche” Halo Eldewrito Debacle MICROSOFT WORKING ON THE SUCCESSOR TO THE XBOX ONE X THE VIDEO GAME AWARDS playstation 5 crossplay Spider-Man PS4 another great playstation exclusive STARWARS BATTLEFRONT 2 BETA PHIL SPENCER GETS A NEW JOB AT MICROSOFT xbox scarlett wil include a 4k cam for streaming playstation 5 controller ps5 vs google stadia Neth's Take Xbox Scarlett vs PS5 over 90 million ps4 sold world wide #Forza4 Xbox e3 2018 vs playstation #residentevil2 Halo MCC going to PC Gamepass forza 7 sales down twitch shooting MICROSOFT XBOX ONE X BENCHMARKS Sony denies console to console crossplay god of war release date leaked Red Dead 2 game of the year XBOX ONE X BENCHMARKS big playstation news MANNY PACQUIAO VS JEFF HORN xbox one xbox one x gamescom 2019 Mario marvel vs capcom infinite Inside Gamescom Microtransactions are destroying gaming #ps4rant spider man is out of the mcu people concerned about Xbox spiderman ps4 PS4 holding back Rocket League crossplay last of us 2 microtransactions #nintendoswitchlite how to get kodi back up and working on your xbox one with add ons god of war 4 ps4 pro gameplay Xbox Scarlett is more powerful than the PS5 Bethesda threatening to not put a game on playstation #antehm God of War outsells Halo 5 Xbox Leaving hardware ps4 new update Xbox buying Obsidian PRO IS HOLDING BACK XBOX ONE X titanfall 2 4k patch Battlefield 5 vs Black Ops 4 XXXtentacion hit by drive by Crossfire halo master chief collection works now god of war sells 9 million XBOX VS PLAYSTATION Facebook Gaming PS Mini Classic pentagon ufo next generation xbox HOT MIC MUST WATCH ps5 better than Microsoft's next-gen Xbox Viewtiful Joe Remastered PLAYSTATION 5 #playstation5 xbox 2 raytracing Xbox gamepass on Nintendo Switch Borderlands 3 Quantic dreams go's multiplatform Wii Halo 5 REQS DEAD RISING 4 Broad Band Bullies xbox one x 1tb gears 5 limited edition bundle marvel vs capcom #Neil deGrasse Tyson sea of thieves rant ps5 and xbox 2 crossplay jump force xbox one s gameplay bleeding edge leaked new xbox is heavily Japanese influenced Last of Us 2 confirmed running on PS4 RED DEAD REDEMPTION DELAYED BECAUSE OF SONY david jaffe makes fun of the xbox new xbox console code name leak scarlet xbox anaconda PS4 NEO xbox exclusives on ps4 Cyperpunk 2077 genre defining game ps4 give away Sony Confirms PS5 Specs 8K, Super Fast SSD Ray Tracing Plus More Fanboys vs Hypocrites why Spider-Man PS4 is awesome battlefield v vs black opps 4 XBOX BEAST FIRE PHIL SPENCER GETS A PROMOTION MICROSOFT Why Call of Duty is dying 1080p XBL vs PSN xbox soc codename anubis xbox game studios making games for the nintendo switch why do xbox console owners pay for Xbox Live? PS5 backwards Compatibility GHOST RECON WILDLANDS Xbox and nintendo vs sony ASTRO A50 forza Motorsports 7 PC playstation 5 dev kit xbox anaconda crossplay GAMER VS GAMING PODCAST marvel vs capcom: infinite flopping PSN better than Xbox Live Spider-Man PS4 Filip Muicine Plagiarized for years google stadia God of War Sales are good for the gaming industry CUPHEAD LIVE STREAM RAGE Sod2 xbox exclusives Red Dead Redemption lawbreakers steam jump force preview call of duty: modern warfare gameplay NINTENDO NX state of decay 2 preview Mayweather defeats McGregor by 10th-round TKO here is the breakdown Xbox E3 2019 was bad XBOX ONE SLIM Lawbreakersps4 Phil Spencer wrong man for the job BIG GAMER SMALL TALK PODCAST Sony E3 2018 vs Xbox playstation 5 conference big gaming news #ps5 E32019 GTAV PS5 Last of Us 2 Gameplay is real MPP- Hot Mic spiderman ps4 outsold batman arkham series ASTROS Microsoft announces new PC exclusive Minecraft game PROJECT SCORPIO PRICE LEAK geoff keighley horizon: zerio dawn sales 7.6m Jason Schreier #christmas2017 Cyperpunk 2077 goty Halo MCC Going to PC in March? david jaffe slams phil spencer Xbox 360 Halo Infinite news #broadbandbullies Spiderman PS4 greatest enemy revealed and its puddles? destiny 2 4k xbox one x anthem tyrant mine hard difficulty PLAYSTATION VR JIM RYAN SAYS XBOX ONE X GAMES DONT LOOK BETTER GRAPHICALLY playstation cloud console former ign editor leaks the last of us part 2 release date kratos vs zeus X-Cloud streaming Rumor EA Losing Rights To Star Wars Games MEDIA CLAIMS XBOX ONE X IS TO POWERFUL Ninja THE VIDEO GAME AWARDS 2016 gears 5 60fps Bethesda putting its foot down on crossplay xbox two cpu specs leak DICE fails to quell Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy in reddit AMA XBOX SCORPIO VS PS4 PRO EA becomes a subscription based service PlayStation 5 To Be Almost As Powerful As RTX 2080 boogie2988 new teeth XBOX SCORPIO PRICE LEAK kratos vs odin cyberpunk ruiner #jumpforce Xbox1 #bluehole Days Gone sucks state of decay 2 PC gameplay xbox one sad price leak Matt Booty single player games google vs microsoft Xbox will allow you to stream all games to cellphone with no latency gamescom reveal rumor xbox scarlett more powerful than ps5 Best Damn Podcast Period gears 5 sjw Rumor: Avengers Game Will Be Revealed at Google’s Event E3 2018 PewDiePie says N Word While Video Streaming on Twitch Lawbreakers NBA LIVE 18 REVIEW next gen consoles ps5 cpu specs leak vgz Brad Sams WATCHDOGS 2 david katz kills gamers at madden tournament xbox game studios #xcloud XBOX ONE X PREORDERS Paris games show shadow of war graphics comparison xbox scorpio games state of decay 2 gameplay ,playstation and xbox combined verizongaming #madbox Mike Yabarra ps4 exclusives A Way Out Playstation exclusives may be going everywhere Playstation to give up on exclusives Microsoft Allegedly Looking to Bring Game Pass To PS4 Early Sales Indicate Xbox One X Is Blowing Away Everyone's Expectations #KAZHIRAI God of War PS4 sells over 3.1 Million copies in 3 days #xboxgamepass Microsoft buys multiple studios 30fps #battlefield5 Gears 5 HDR #cybermonday Horizon Zero Dawn fortnite #MK11 XBOX ONE X VERSION RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER SMACKS THE PS4 PRO AND PC VERSION SAYS DIGITAL FOUNDRY Bobby Kotick gaming news A letter to Xbox Why Halo 4 sucks PSN Xbox is doomed DOGMAN shootout at twitch tournament Battlefield 5 is pro consumer Halo 5 Microtransactions Epic Games Minecraft Dungeons PC Exclusive #stadia Passing on Video Game Mantles playstation e3 2018 vs Xbox e3 2018 trueboy killed in madden tournament Filip Miucin steals others work Sony is rumoured to be preparing a bid to buy Remedy, making Alan Wake 2 or a Control sequel potential PlayStation exclusives xbox scarlett news spider man vs batman Rod Ferguson #vanquish2 xbox gamepass google stadia vs xcloud Remedy Spider-Man PS4 Best Spiderman game Xbox, Microsoft psn and playstation 5 will use azure servers SAMSUNG CNET 2017 NXTGEN720 E3 2018 Winner upcoming ps5 games xbox console should not have to pay for xbox live ps5 leak #notmybattlefiled #UFO destiny 2 4k patch XBOX SCORPIO WILL HAVE 9GB OF GGDR5 rumor xbox scarlett more powerful than playstation 5 crackdown 3 is trash Fangirls CONSOLES DEBATES Playstation making a game streaming tablet Call of Duty WW2 GEARS OF WAR 4 Does the power narrative matter? WHO BUILT THE PYRAMIDS #XBOXPUBG Playstation 5 News PS4NEO MARIO SUNSHINE HD modern warfare multiplayer beta gameplay spider-man ps4pro bundle BBB Microsoft buying studios Paris Games Show 2017 halo mcc The value of a singleplayer experience vs a multiplayer one VEGA XB1 mortal kombat 11 reveal fortnite vs pubg Xbox vs Google xbox two will be more powerful than the ps5 playstation and xbox combined why Battlefield 5 will be better than Black Ops 4 Playstation State of Decay 2 is unplayable Sony to take longer to make games but make them bigger SUNSET OVERDRIVE 2 #control2 Why a video games identity is important video games blamed for mass shootings Kings blood gaming #crackdown3 GTA V Microtransactions Why Battlefield 5 will outsell Black Ops 4 tlou 2 new trailer State of Decay 2 another Xbox disappointment hands on with the xbox one x god of war performance mode gears 5 xbox one fps Sony steals Epic accounts Playerunknowns Battlegrounds NeoGAF Owner Faces Serious Allegations Site Is Down crossplay enabled on fortnite with ps4 xbox one and nintendo switch forza 7 vs gt sport COD WW2 PUBG WILL BE 30FPS ON THE XBOX ONE X HOLD THIS L MICROSOFT xbox e3 2019 was it really that bad sony buys insomniac Gears of War Batdesk ASSASSINS CREED ORIGINS RUNS 4K ON XBOX ONE X PHIL SPENCER OVERWATCH xbox news today Netflix ps5 game INSOMNIAC WANTS TO SUNSET OVERDRIVE 2 THEY ARE WAITING ON MICROSOFT thurrott PSN better than XBL #notmygears Cyberpunk 2077 nintendo direct why am I still an Xbox fan? ps4 update DONALD TRUMP AMD VEGA 10 COD WWII forza vs gran turismo LETS BE HONEST CUPHEAP HARDER THAN DARKSOUL Media playstation 5 spec leaks marvel vs capcom: infinite flopped Microsoft E3 2019 was a disaster call of duty xbox and switch advertise crossplay, sony left out cuphead review #stateofplay Spider-man google cloud gaming THE RING MAKERS OF SATURN hypocrisy in the gaming world naughty dog making developers work 24hr work days BEAM Halo Infinite release window revealed hypocrites wallmart pulls violent video games Playstation Paris Games Show #watchdogs3 THE XBOX ONE X HAS ALREADY OUTSOLD THE PS4 PRO God of War sells 5 million in 1 month Red Dead 2 potential 2018 GOTY ALIEN GREY big sony news Red Dead 2 console timed console exclusive Gambling in gaming nintendo switch won black friday Halo infinite breakdown GAMESPOT developer bluehole is in talks with sony about bringing pubg to the ps4 Assassin’s Creed Origins Director Calls Xbox One X Version ‘Most Beautiful Version pc & ps4 loose it Bethesda threatening Sony bunglie splits from activision #ps4giveaway Detroit Become Human Cliffy B Lawbreakers Gears 4 Looks Better On Xbox One X Than PC! Fanboys Are Mad nba live19 is trash SCALEBOUND destiny 2 4k patch xbox one x project scarlett Xbox E3 2018 marvel vs capcom: infinite flop xbluerendezvous ps5 leaks Xbox will allow you to stream all games to cellphone Windows 10 game news fable4 Halo Infinite Creative Director Quits Google announces Chrome game streaming ScramPunks Podcast Alan Wake Xbox division is pathetic inside xbox feb 2019 Apple goes all in on gaming nba live19 graphics disney may pull the plug on spiderman 2 SCORPIO DEV KIT Microsoft buys playground games WILL XBOX ONE X WIN OVER GAMERS PlayStation® Live from Paris Games Week 2017 Battle Front 2 xbox one vs playstation 4 Destiny HELLBLADE SELLS 500K Cliffy B ps5 release date playstation 5 rumors kodi 18.0 running on xbox one s God of War Sales are good for Gamers microsoft won black friday Who won E3 2018 NEOGAF Tokyo game show 2019 #E32018 Microsoft dissapoints fans yet again by announcing Minecraft Dungeons as PC Exclusive #redout NBA LIVE 18 GAMEPLAY Spider-Man is not coming to Xbox and heres why #nipseyhussel Xbox One X enhanced XBOX ONE Playstation news #thelastofus2 paris games week 2018 XBOX ONE X NEEDS MORE EXCLUSIVES xbox scarlett #verizongaming Halo Infinite thoughts xbox live party chat disconnecting crackdown 3 sale numbers Playstation 4 exclusives may be going on Verizon game service uncharted ps5 xbox all access ps4 remote play to iphone and ipad SPIDERMAN EA Playstation 4 exclusives may be going everywhere crackdown 3 delayed Apple to make a Netfllix like gaming service WOW THEY CHARGING $120 FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE OF DESTINY 2 cyberpunk #bethesda xbox game pass coming to the nintendo switch nba live19 destroys nba 2k19 Fanboys jelous of Spiderman PS4 halo in 3rd person MPP HOT MIC what's the point of being an Xbox fan? xbox one ps4 and swich crossplay Black Ops 4 is anti consumer God of War biggest exclusive Ip this generation Xbox One X Impressions forza 7 flopping Classic Halo still alive KOTAKU #playstation5 vs xbox 2 VIDEO RESPONSE TO PEWDIEPIE APOLOGY VID HUGE XBOX NEWS RELEASE TODAY XBOX ONE ENHANCED GAMES & OG XBOX GAMES uncharted rumor dualshock 5 Sony signs a deal with microsoft Old Halo Gameplay not dead Digital foundry says Spiderman is upgraded gears 5 removing rumor xbox project scarlett more powerful than playstation 5 xbox won black friday REVIEWTECHUSAF INTERVIEW I TRADED MY XBOX ONE X FOR THE PS4 PRO PS4 PRO BOOST MODE Occulus Go Last of Us 2 confirmed running on PS4 Pro halo master chief collection fixed Microtransactions are ruining games alan wake 2 #perfectdark next xbox playstation 5 4k 60fps Playstation games anywhere? wallmart stop selling violent video games shawn layden quits sony forza vs gran turismo sport anthem demo Microsoft buys undead labs Xbox is for SJW Dweebs crackdown3 delay fortnite battle royale vs player unknown battlegrounds nxtgen720 one on one interview with tim dog google set to take on sony and microsoft in the console market PSX16 Jez Corden Days Gone has technical issues VGAS 2017 IGN dualshock 5 leak Media Bias ninja leaves twitch LOOT CRATES Microsoft’s Xbox One X Will Outsell Sony’s PS4 Pro, Analyst Believes 2M THQ Nordic Buys out Deep Silver ps4pro give away FORNITE rumor playstation 5 more powerful than xbox scarlett gears 5 campaign reveal KAZ HIRAI BIGFOOT E3 Spider-Man PS4 breaks sales records PS4 Games vs Xbox One Games Nintendo Switch news xbox doesnt understand gamers ps4 update 6.50 google project stream fortnite google console controller XBOX ONE S god of war 4 leaked footage Sony Singleplayer vs Xbox's Multiplayer Avengers Game multiplayer podcast iphone last of us 2 gamescom Sony takes epic accounts hostage Shadow of War: Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Graphics anthem spider boss fight google game console leak Backwards Compatible RECORE XBOX SCORPIO VS GTX 1070 ORI AND BLIND FOREST xbox exclusive bleeding edge trailer leaked online Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack cancelled sony releasing two next gen consoles xbox one s rant ps5 vs xbox scarlett Cod should not try to be Battlefield Spiderman PS4 gets graphical upgrade Halo MCC Going to PC in March battlefield 5 vs black opps 4 nipsey hussel gets shot six times Filip Miucin chalenges Kotoku and loses xbox 2 vs stadia Take Two nintendo switch lite Kmega is mad Kratos is white state of decay 2 xbox one 2 gameplay XB1S DESTINY 2 #PSX2017 TOM WARREN FROM THE VERGE SAYS HE CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE XBOX ONE X AND S RUNNING FORZA 7 CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE CROSSPLAY MY FIRST IMPRESSION Sony E3 2018 Sony to make less but higher quality games CRACK DOWN 3 GT SPORT 8K Fortnight Battle Royale vs PUBG BIG GAMER SMALL TALK god of war 4 leaked gameplay Red Dead 2 Gameplay Trailer Impressions Digital foundry says Spiderman is graphically upgraded anthem is bricking ps4's NS xbox podcast ZOBE70 microsoft signs ninja Halo infinite E3 2019 breakdown god ANTHEM #spiderman Microsoft does not understand gaming playstation patent leaked project yeti google console controller PLANETX playstation 5 dev kit leak gears 5 tech analysis XXXtentacion shot to death next generation xbox release date Star Wars Game canceled 4K 60FPS Spider-Man PS4 Not coming to Xbox? 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